Billy Eichner Dragged Meghan McCain On Behalf Of Meryl Streep

Meghan McCain is a FOX News host and the daughter of former presidential candidate Senator John McCain. She had an issue with the stirring and eloquent call-to-arms against the impending Trump administration that were actress Meryl Streep’s words at the Golden Globes. Megan (like her Dad, whom Trump famously disparaged for being a POW) doesn’t appear to be riding the Trump train. But she also doesn’t seem to appreciate any kind of dissent against our new despot.

Openly gay comedian and screechy wonder Billy Eichner (who is no stranger to Twitter slapfights) took umbrage with Meghan’s tweet. He didn’t mince words.

Billy might have missed the part of Meryl’s speech where she noted that “disrespect invites disrespect.” Meghan thought so, too.

Billy is one of my favorite crazies because I think anger can be a gift. To comedy. He went ON. And he loves him some Meryl. (Me, too, Bill.)

And he’s proud of his bubble.

And he dragged those morning drinkers Hoda and Kathie Lee into it! (John McCain co-hosts the fourth hour of Today?)

And he’s not here for this whole “let’s understand each other during these trying times” mess.

Bill also noted that it doesn’t matter what Russian favorite Trump thinks about Miranda Priestly. Because he cares not a whit for our intelligence agencies’ findings (well, yeah, especially when they’re telling him that he won the election in part due to Russia’s inteference)!

Meghan wasn’t swayed by Billy’s twitter hissing.

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I can understand her not wanting to get into a twitter screaming match with someone. But her response feels like sort of a cop-out. Maybe Meghan should go on that show with Billy where he runs down the street with a celebrity guest and screams questions at pedestrians. They could do some actual gap-bridging that way. Oh what do I care. It’s all just a bunch of doom right now. In actuality, all I want is for Meryl Streep to run for president in 2020. It’s not like you need any political experience for the position.

h/t: Huffington Post