Gay Men Say Man Assaulted Them at Movie Theater

A group of young gay men from Lafayette, La., say they were verbally and physically assaulted in a movie theater because of their sexual orientation, the city’s newspaper the Advertiser reports.
On Sunday, the men went to see the new comedy starring Barbara Streisand, “Guilt Trip,” but were attacked during the movie’s previews. Walt Jamison, 23, said when he, his partner and two of his openly gay friends sat down, a man sitting in the row behind them said, “Oh great,” and began to spew anti-gay rhetoric.
One of the friends confronted Joseph Menard Jr., 37. When he asked, “Excuse me?” in a non-threatening tone, Menard “stood up and leaned over us and started screaming hate slurs peppered with profanities,” Jamison told the newspaper. Jamison went on to say that Menard then “sat down and stood back up and popped my partner in the back of the head,” and that Menard, who was with his wife and child, also struck Jamison. Full story here!