And in horrifyingly evil news…

Reports are coming out of Chechnya that gay men are reportedly being rounded up by the police and being put in FUCKING CAMPS and TORTURED. Some to DEATH. Well, if that isn’t a gay guy’s worst fear in the Trump Era…

The Independent:

The claims follow reports last week that 100 gay men had been rounded up and imprisoned in Chechnya, with at least three people allegedly murdered. The allegations were made by a Russian newspaper and human rights campaigners. “In Chechnya, the command was given for a ‘prophylactic sweep’ and it went as far as real murders,” independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta claimed.

Chechnyan leader Ramzan Kadyrov (that’s his ugly ass up top) denies that this is happening. Not because he’s not having it done, but because he’s FULL ON FUCKING EVIL AND INSANE AND INSISTS THAT THERE ARE NO GAY MEN IN CHECHNYA. This may sound extreme but I don’t think I’d weep if an assassin’s bullet made its way into the mix in relation to this fucker.

At the time, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov’s spokesperson denied the claims on the grounds that no one in Chechnya is homosexual. “You cannot arrest or repress people who just don’t exist in the republic,” spokesman Alvi Karimov told Interfax.

“If such people existed in Chechnya, law enforcement would not have to worry about them since their own relatives would have sent them to where they could never return.”

A Russian LGBT network has reportedly set up a hotline for escapees to get help. This is how we’re hearing about what’s going on at this camp, which is supposed to be in the town of Argun.

I won’t go into detail as to the tortures that are reportedly being inflicted upon these men but they’re deeply disturbing and a complete injustice. Not sure what we can do to help, but here are the websites for the Human Rights Campaign and Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch’s Twitter. Let’s get in touch and see what we can do. #RESIST