Jude Law makes for kind of a sexy ‘Young Pope’

HBO released the teaser trailer for their upcoming series, The Young Pope, starring Jude Law. It’s definitely intriguing, if only because Jude’s the pope in question. Most of the popes we’ve been saddled with have been 3,000 years old and are normally ringing death’s doorbell. I am intrigued as to how a Brooklyn-sounding, fairly youngish dude named “Lenny Belardo” ended up as the Catholic Church’s new Robe-in-Chief.

Mostly, I’m intrigued cuz’ Jude Law is a pretty sessy pope.

He’s got back, for one. (And can swim. Physical fitness is not something we’re used to in a Pope. Poor choice in trunks, though.)


He’s got a cool globe-spin table for plotting world domination. That’s sexy.


He’s not afraid of teamsters. Brave guys are hot.


That hat. That hat is everything.


He wears hoodies. He’s a sexy and COOL pope.


Mostly, he’s got lovely bone structure and eyes and he’s plenty menacing to the other priests and nuns. We like an ornery pope!

We realize that the twist here is that the Pope is a demon, or the Antichrist or gay or something, right? “Belardo” sounds a lot like “Belasco” and isn’t “Belasco” a character in Dante’s Inferno? Ooo, look, Wicked is literate (and probably wrong on that literary allusion)!

I’ll be honest. I have had a soft spot in my head for Dickie Greenleaf since he had to deal with Matt Damon in those lime-green trunks.


giphy (1)

Dickie Greenleaf was HAWT. He’d make a fantastic pope.