Laverne Cox perfectly summed up why trans rights matter on Stephen Colbert

During her time onstage at the Grammy’s the other night, Laverne Cox gave a shout out to Gavin Grimm, asking viewers to google him and stand with him. Grimm was barred from using the bathroom at his high school for being trans, and is set to have his case heard next month by the Supreme Court.

Cox stopped by Stephen Colbert’s show to promote her new show Doubt, and continued to stomp the pavement for Grimm, calling attention to the importance of trans rights.

“I feel like people weren’t talking enough about this case,” she explained. “This is the first time the Supreme Court is hearing a case about trans rights… I think what people really need to know is what my friend says from the ACLU is that these anti-bathroom, anti-trans bathroom bills are not really about bathrooms. They’re about whether or not trans people have the right to exist in public space because if we can’t use public bathrooms we can’t go schools. We can’t work. We can’t go to health care facilities. So it’s really about us having to exist in public spaces.”

Laverne also dished on finally getting to meet Beyoncé, who she has long idolized, at the Grammy’s.

In that moment, we were all Laverne Cox.

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Watch the clip below.

h/t: Fusion