Man Vs. Food Host Loses Weight and His Clothes!

If you’ve ever watched the Travel Channel’s ‘Man v. Food‘ you are familiar with the show’s host, Adam Richman. And while you may recall numerous episodes of him shoveling food in his face, his recent 70 pound weight loss is evidence that this is no longer his claim to fame.

According to a recent article in Today, Richman was very unhappy with his weight, appearance and overall health. But it wasn’t until he saw the number on the scale at a routine doctors appointment when he knew something needed to change. His 10-month weight loss, which is well documented on his Instagram feed, is thanks to good old fashioned diet and exercise.

Richman stopped taping the show and focused on his health instead. And if you’re curious about what he looks like now, don’t worry, this image leaves little to the imagination. Full story here!

WGB: Woof! He is looking really good! Well done Adam, well done! Thank you to WGB reader Jonathan for the tip!