See if you can guess what this instahottie does for a living

The subject of this Wicked thirst trap post might seem familiar to a few of you. Well, more than a few if you’ve got the Internet and like to jerk off. It’s true – Carter Dane is a very popular adult entertainment performer, known for his incredible ass. He’s got an Instagram, which means I can put up pics of him here on Wicked! He shows that booty off, and it’s all completely legit to show it off here, too, because it’s Wicked and we allow ass! America IS beautiful and so is Carter Dane’s ass. And the rest of him.

Carter Dane is very clean.

So very clean.

And shapely. He is a shapely young man.

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He’s also super handsome.

And fully aware that his butt is POW.

He’s very into his work.

VERY into his work (Hi, Boomer Banks!)

Ah….yeah. Holy jeezum.

There’s those buttcheeks again. I’m not complaining.

He did ballet? Yeah, I can see it.

Underwear is stupid.

h/t: Instagram