Some ’Big Brother’ Houseguests Under Fire for Anti-Gay, Racists Comments

The 15th season of CBS’s hit summertime reality television show “Big Brother” hasn’t even been on for a full week but the program’s contestants have come under fire for making anti-gay and racists comments towards their fellow houseguests.

As Fox News reports, numerous blogs, websites and commenters across the Internet have sharply criticized three “Big Brother” contestants after they were caught spewing racist and anti-gay rhetoric on the show’s live-feeds, which can be viewed 24/7 online, allowing fans to view the players’ every move.

The controversial remarks came from Aaryn Gries, Spencer Clawson and GinaMarie Zimmerman. TMZ reports Gries was caught calling gay contestant Andy Herren a “queer” and Clawson called him “Kermit the fag.” Jezebel also reports Herren has been called “Faggoty Ann.” Additionally, Zimmerman was heard using the N-word. Full story here!