Someone spliced together footage of Britney Spears and Donald Trump and the result is too funny for words

In these trying times it’s especially important to laugh, now more than ever.

So bless everyone on the internet who is extra hard making every single depressing news update into some sort of meme. Case and point: this person who spliced together footage of Donald Trump and Britney Spears.

The footage of Trump comes from his interview from last week regarding his proposed wall on the Mexican border, while the footage of Britney cringing and reacting to the stuff Trump is saying.

“I could wait a year,” Trump says about being reimbursed from Mexico for the wall, “but it would hold off the wall.”

“That’s a good idea, I like that.” Brit says flatly before saying, “I think it’s all in your mind.”

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At least Britney gets it.

Watch below.