The hottest photos from this weekend’s circuit party in Berlin

We have some of the hottest photos from the hottest circuit parties in Berlin.

This past weekend were the Salvation, GMF 1023 Hustlaball Closing and the HustlaBall at the legendary KitKatClub. The parties featured some of the hottest Go Go Boys, DJs and entertainment.

IMG_0648 IMG_0686IMG_0841

This year’s Salvation party was Burlesque, and the boys in attendance didn’t disappoint.

IMG_0711 IMG_0753  IMG_0889

Meanwhile, over at the Hustlaball there darkrooms with plenty of play areas, including a heated pool, dry sauna, playgrounds and a special VIP area for added enjoyment.

IMG_0908 IMG_0942 IMG_0973 IMG_1081

All in all, it looked like a total blast.

Take a look at the rest of the pictures below.

IMG_1104 IMG_3226 IMG_3228 IMG_3231 IMG_3258 IMG_3270 IMG_3289 IMG_3301 IMG_3310 IMG_3341 IMG_3385 IMG_3454 IMG_3462 IMG_3479 IMG_3543  IMG_3583 IMG_3622 IMG_3626 IMG_3627 IMG_3634 IMG_3637  IMG_3683 IMG_3696 IMG_3715 IMG_3724 IMG_3784 IMG_3789 IMG_4357 IMG_4381 IMG_4394 IMG_4408 IMG_4413 IMG_4418 IMG_4431 IMG_4460 IMG_4516 IMG_4541 IMG_4609 IMG_4659 IMG_4667