Tom Hardy wanted to be as naked as possible on his new miniseries “Taboo”

Tom Hardy wanted to be naked for his FX miniseries Taboo (which premieres tonight), more naked than he’s been in his previous work.

The series, which is produced by Ridley Scott, takes place in 1800s London. James Delaney (Hardy) has returned from Africa to reclaim what’s left of his shipping empire after a decade of being presumed dead.

There were paparazzi shots that leaked earlier last year that showed bearing it all, though what will actually air is a little bit more viewer-friendly.


“You’re lucky there was a loin cloth because I didn’t want one,” he told BBC News. “It’s not a period drama until someone gets naked and covers themselves in blood. At least you’re showing willing.”

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In the interview, Hardy spoke about some scenes that didn’t make the final cut: shot in Essex, the actor had to walk naked through the mud. Another scene saw the actor naked in the docks.

“I was in Tilbury, in the moat, in the docks, with nothing on,” he recounted. “We were trying to eke out drama from any opportunity and none of that makes the cut.”

But there’s still plenty of good stuff in the eight-episode series, which he described as opening like “a jewelry box… it’s got that Gothic horror feel to it.”

We’ll be watching.