When Straight Men Have Sex With Other Men

“There is a lot of talk about Bromances these days. The urban dictionary definition of a bromance is described as “complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.” But what if the two men decide to have sex? Does that make then gay or bisexual? When girls do this in Girls Gone Wild they are not accused of being latent lesbians or bisexuals. Their sexual orientation is not speculated about at all as it turns out. But this is different for men. There’s growing evidence that many men who have sex with men aren’t all gay or bisexual. According to the Centres for Disease Control, more than 3 million men (in the US) who self-identify as straight secretly have sex with other men.

A recent New York City survey that appeared in the September 19, 2006 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine found that nearly one in ten men say they’re straight and have occasional sex with men. In addiction, 70 percent of these men are heterosexually married. In fact, 10 percent of all married men in this survey reported engaging in same-sex behavior during the previous year.”  Full story here!

SOURCE:  www.straightguise.com

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