Wicked Awesome :: Ohioans Use Love To Defend Gay Men Confronted By Hate

“Here’s some evidence that even though Ohio has plenty of work to do in terms of equality and is home to anti-equality House Speaker John Boehner, the Buckeye State is full of awesome people who love their LGBT friends and neighbors…

Joel Diaz, Chief Development Office at AIDS Resource Center Ohio, and his friend Ethan were at a popular pizza truck in Columbus, Ohio, holding hands and huddled together against the cold, when a random man told them to end the “gay shit.” The crowd who overheard the homophobe’s command didn’t fall in line behind him; instead, they ran the man off into the night, making clear that they won’t stand for hate in their community.”  Full story here!

WGB:  I loved reading this, had to share.  Gives me hope that things are continuing to change in the right direction.