Wicked Feel Good Story :: Austin Hate Crime Victim Gets New Smile, Thanks to Local Dentist

An Austin man who was attacked during Gay Pride Weekend in October 2012 is smiling now, after a local dentist fixed his teeth.
Andrew Oppelman and his friend Nick Soret were attacked while getting a slice of pizza at a food truck in the Warehouse District when Lambert Borgardt accused Soret of hitting on him.
Cameras caught the moment when Borgardt allegedly punched Soret. When Oppelman stepped in to help his friend, the man knocked out nine of his teeth. Borgardt fled the scene, and was later indicted by a Travis County Grand Jury for third degree felony assault.
But when an Austin dentist heard about the attack, he reached out to Oppelman, and for the past year and a half, he has worked on full dental reconstruction and implants for the man,KVUE reports. Full story here via Edge!
WGB: Stories like this restore my faith in humanity! For those of you who live in or around Austin Texas, let’s give this dentist some of our business and support!